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Get Lucky

Posted on August 11, 2013

Lucky 13….Workshop’s 13th Cult of Done espresso is here. With a sharp departure from Thunguri ABs bright notes Lucky 13 epitomises a chocolately deeper cup. If you like your coffee sexy with warm notes of toasted almond, juicy cherry and warm butter then you’ll love love 13.   Lucky 13s single origin  ‘Cult of Done’ La Llusion comes from the region Santa Ana in Ecuador and is produced collaboratively by Nordic Approach and Jose Antonio Salaverria whose family own many farms in the region including the central mill. The area is volcanic and La llusion is grown at an altitude of 1650 metres.  A fantastic aspect of how the farm works is in it’s monetary incentive scheme which rewards highly skilled farmers for picking…

Good Coffee

Posted on April 10, 2013

We hold open cuppings at the cafe once a month with the aim to select guest coffees for the upcoming month. This month we are focusing on direct trade coffees from some new specialty roasters in Europe.

Local woman picking cherries to be delivered to the Konga Farmers Cooperative in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia


I have always loved coffee. From an overly confident 4 year old stealing gulps of customer’s latte’s in my mother’s cafe to the first time the concept of single estate coffees went off like a landmine in my awkward adolescent mind. However, as a young barista, I could never draw the link between the vague idea that coffee was grown as a crop (by faceless co-ops or unidentifiable farmers in far away tropical countries) and the impenetrable supply chain that lead to the beautiful dark fluid that came to be my morning ritual, livelihood and passion.


This week we will be cupping coffees from various European specialty roasters sourced through direct trade organizations such the guys at Collaborative http://collaborativecoffeesource.com/ that have made the murky supply chains of commodity coffee (at least in my eyes) obsolete. The cherries being picked in this video by a local woman have been roasted by Drop Coffee in Sweden and were brewed by us last week.


We will be posting details of our next cupping soon. Cuppings are generally held around 7pm and you can book through emailing Dan at balham@m1lk.co.uk or by asking instore.


Posted on March 6, 2013

Ever since our brothelesque neon sign arrived on our dirty brick wall next our ever so saintly Virgin Mary, M1lk has been waiting to unleash hellish messy food and sexy craft beers on our unknowing staff and public. And our 1st birthday was certainly the perfect opportunity. No cutlery, no plates, just get stuck in and those reaching for the wet wipes were certainly frowned upon (sorry that sounds really wrong). I made up a series of posters in place our 50’s dreamland ones and replaced them with crudely cut out images slapped onto butchers paper, the dignified images juxtaposed with the rough were a perfect accompaniment to the posh ingredients we used and the very messy execution. The starting line up included Master…


Posted on March 4, 2013

A wonderful year at M1lk and a big thank you to our wonderful customers who have supported us. This post is really to have a look back at some of our favourite pictures taken by you and us over the year… Above is a wonderful hand made card by one of our customers who popped in to say Happy Valentines Day, she also made us the most lovely walnut cake, we were so chuffed particularly as we are lonely old spinsters. Down with valentines! To whoever owns this vehicle you’re an absolute G.     A friend of ours tasting our Workshop ‘Cult of Done’ Espresso cake that we had on in the summer. As you can see she was well on it 🙂…


Posted on February 12, 2013

Amazewahballs coffee cupping the other night courtesy of Jules and Head Barista Pete. Great to see some of you and great to hear from Dan some interest in our next one!

We blind cupped 8 coffees from different roasters to pick our guest filter for upcoming month. The result of our vote was overwhelmingly in favour of  Buzira, Kayanza. It’s almost piquant spices were too much to pass up and this amazing filter will be on from 18th Feb for a week.

Manager Dan and I managed to favourite a decaf coffee having never tasted one before…..who knew eh?


Our next cupping will be held Thursday 7th March at 7.30. Ask in-store to join up or email Dan at balham@m1lk.co.uk tickets £5

Feel free  to pop in anytime with any questions for Pete and Dan about our coffee events.