Julian & I had a few days break earlier this year to visit our old school friend Nik in Berlin. A welcome change from our normal ‘breaks’ this one came with no objective other than that of a ‘chill one’. And in our naivety we thought it would be exactly that. In a few days of raucous drinking and hangovers the lurid city had swallowed us up whole. A firm favourite of mine was Buck & Breck a small cocktail bar on the west side with no signage & nothing in the window other than that of a furry octopus.You press a buzzer to get in and are led into a David Lynchesque room with 10 or so seats around a beautifully fitted out bar, filled with berliners, smoking and sipping their cocktails. Buck & Breck work with a mesmerising synchronicity and accuracy pouring THE best cocktails I have been luckily enough to taste. 



As you may have also noticed, we were got the chance to visit the renowned Barn. Having sampled some of their Bold, Characterful, Clean coffees we thought we’d take a little piece of our trip home with us. At milk we are now proud to serve a range of the Barns Single Origin Filters and Espresso and were lucky enough to have our Friend Ralf Founder of the Barn come over and host a cupping for us. One of my favourites on the day was Kangunu from Kenya, currently on the bar as our espresso.

Sweet, Berry, Milkshake Goodness.




We announce cupping’s on our social media and are always keen to have our friends, staff and customers along to hear the work that goes into creating these great coffees.


 It is always a total mission for anyone with a business to take a break but a little travel goes a long way.


 My recs for Berlin


The Barn




A small restaurant and wine bar run by one of Ralfs friend serving a selection of natural wines


Buck and Breck

For some blue velvet action


The Kit Kat Club

For after hours ACTUAL fire-breathing dragons and VERY naked and VERY liberated old men


Thanks Nik….That was your idea wasn’t it?